There was a time when words like ‘Sweet heart’, ‘Baby’, ‘Darling’ were endearments used to denote that one special person. They brought a smile to your face, because you knew the person using them was using them only for you. Today, these words have lost there ethereal, romantic importance. They are used in everyday jargon, to address anybody and everybody. This makes meanings so distorted, conversing so convoluted and love so damn hard to understand or express. I miss when falling in love was easy. Don’t you?


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True Stars.

For the past few weeks I have wanted to write about something.  Since the inception of this blog I have tried to keep my posts personal, light. But a recent discussion with my mother pushed me to get my lap top out and voice my opinion.

Did you know that a Traffic Cop, the man who stands in the blistering heat, exposed to arduous conditions like massive amounts of pollution, loud traffic noise and careless rash drivers, just gets paid Rs.7000 per month.

Just Rs. 7000.

And then we pass moral judgements on why these officers take bribes.

Obviously they will. No one can run a family, especially in a city like Mumbai on such a  measly sum.

Now think of an actor. Leave the likes of a Shahrukh Khan or Aamir Khan for whom money is never a problem.

Even a smalltime ad  film actor can easily make double or triple of what that poor traffic cop makes in a month, in just a few days.

How fair is this?

If we look at the two jobs;

The traffic cops spends his time trying to create order and sanity in an otherwise chaotic city. He braves the elements to ensure that we, the people of Mumbai, including the mighty Shahrukh Khans reach were they have to in time, saves lives by monitoring drunk drivers and in a whole brings decorum to a thriving metropolitan city. His is a nobler job then acting, or making movies.

Yes, cinema is said to be an escape from reality. It gives a much needed break from the fast paced, tiresome life we lead. But is it anywhere in the league of what a traffic cop, a nurse, even what our house helps do.

In no way do I mean to demean any profession. All I want to understand is why the reward, in this case money, is never directly or even equitably proportionate to the effort and work put in?

Why are movie actors and actoresses, directors and people from this faternity termed as ‘Stars’?

In fact, what they do is in no way close to helping another human being like a doctor, nurse, police officer or army jawaan.

These are the true stars. The professionals that actually make a difference. Matter.

I feel its time the term ‘Star’ ‘Super star’ are used for the individual who truly stand for it.

By putting film stars on a pedestal, we are in so many ways demeaning the other people who give there sweat and blood to ensure we asleep well at night. To the people who guard our houses, our coastlines, who go to war, for us.

They are the true stars and it is high time they get there due and moneys worth.

Don’t you?

Stand up, speak up Mumbai!


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Sweet Anticipation.

As the words escape my mouth,

Pouring out,

Revealing all the thoughts, all the fears,

All that is me.


I feel most vulnerable then,

Open as a book,

Exposed to the world,

Piercing glances, weird looks,

But with each thought on paper,

Word on song,

Each feeling expressed,

Emptiness gone,

There is no hesitation,

Its sweet anticipation.


As the words escape my mouth,

Pouring out,

I am at peace,

The ultimate release,

No care of being judged,

I won’t begrudge me,

This sweet anticipation.


And as I come to an end,

Last line sung,

I feel empty again,

Emotionally wrung,

I walk away,

Tears strolling down my cheek,

I miss the apprehension.

The sweet Anticipation.

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I have so much to say,

But I lack motivation,

So much to do,

But I lack direction.


I am just a shadow of a hope,

Holding on to a dream,

I am just a deprived soul,

Ready to scream.


I am loud and careless,

dishonored and plagued,

Just some mistake,

Some other guy made.


I am free and true,

Am I really?

Living a lie, am I?

So clearly.

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2012 TO DO LIST:

To sing without inhibition.

To find out rather than assume.

To see good in others and myself.

To dream bigger and reach further.

To take chances, in love and life.

To forgive, and actually forget.

To let stuff be.

To expect only from myself.

To travel, to grow.

To respect, myself and others.

To smile and mean it.

To contribute.

To inspire and be inspired.

To hug more often.

To trust.

To make my parents proud.

To give back to the ones I love.

To observe and not just see.

To listen, to believe, to embrace.

To be truly happy.

To find me.

2012 🙂

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4 Stars.

It’s 1 at night and I just got back from watching ‘Rockstar’

And even though I am dead tired I just have to say this.

Rockstar. What. A. Brilliant. Movie.

It was like a beautiful song. With a soul stirring melody, powerful riffs, magical vocals and and some brilliant story telling.

The movie was magnificent.

You know how every student who pursue the study of media, at one time or another wishes to either act or direct films. Well I was no different. When I was pursuing my bachelors in media degree I also wanted to direct movies. It was a fleeting dream. Anyway, if I had to make a movie. It would be like Rockstar.

I loved how Imitiaz Ali used cut shots through out the movie, taking the viewers into the brutal present along with showing a glimpse of the beautiful past.

I loved how the music was not just there to add ‘masala’  but was actually playing a major character of its own.

I loved how the acting didn’t look forced. In fact it didn’t seem like they were acting at all, it felt so real.

Hats off to Ranbir Kapoor. Never having been a fan of the blue blooded heir of the Kapoor family, this movie made me a true Ranbir believer.People claim he is the next Shah Rukh Khan. I think he is so much better and will reach greater heights.

Nargis Fakhri, the debutant, is a breathe of fresh air.

I don’t understand why people are calling her performance dead and cold. Just to remind these people, she is suppose to be dying in the movie. Personally I thought she did great justice to her role. She epitomized the angel of music, just like Ranbirs character Jordan thought her to be. She is a way better actress then the likes of the  stunning, expressionless spoilt china doll Sonam Kapoor, the stone cold  princess Deepika Padukone and one of India’s ‘Top’ imported Barbie dolls Katrina Kaif.

Imtiaz Ali has beautifully transformed his words in to a brilliant movie. His best so far.

But the true rockstar of this movie is the music. And thankfully so, as the movie is based on the life of a musician.

A.R.Rahman again out does himself and the saying ‘I am my only competition’ must have been penned for him.

Mohit Chauhans voice is flawless to say the least. He should be nominated for best actor, cause his voice had so much emotion and played an independent character.

Before I went for this movie I had heard many mixed reviews. And whilst in it I actually saw people walking out of the theater before it ended.

I was astonished. How can people not like the movie?

Yes, it doesn’t have the typical happy ending.

Yes, it doesn’t have songs sung around trees or a munni or sheila grating provocatively.

Yes, it doesn’t have Shah Ruck Khan flaying his arms in his trade mark done to death pose.

And yes, it doesn’t have Salman Khan tugging at his waist belt.

But it has soul. It has passion. It is a well made movie, with an actual plot and not some idiotic comic routines put together in the guise of a film.

We have to move on from the housefulls and the Golmaals. Movies like this need to be recognized and applauded.

Wake up Mr. Shah Rukh Khan. This is a movie that is trying to revolutionize Indian Cinema and not your trite, lifted, disgusting Wake up Taran Adarash, this is a movie that deserves 4 stars. Wake up Indian audience, these are the kind of movies we need to support.

I know I am not a film critic, neither am I an expert of the audio visual dimension. Even though I have a Bachelors in Mass Media, I barely know anything about the nuances of movie making. And my opinion doesn’t really matter but I am a movie goer, I am part of the audience a movie targets. I have watched many a films and this movie is by far among the best hindi movies I have seen.

It will stay with me for a long time.

And isn’t that what a movie is suppose to do?


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I want to hold your hand.

For most of my Bombay life, I have been a ‘townie’ (slang for someone who resides between the areas of Malabar Hill and Mahalaxmi.) But for the past 3 years I live in Sewree, which is technically not out of ‘town’ but doesn’t fall among the above specified areas.  This fact was earlier constantly reminded to me by my friends. At first I used to vehemently disagree and try to get them to believe that it doesn’t require a week of pre planning and a field trip to come visit me – like they proclaim (obviously exaggerating) but now I take it with a spoon full of sugar. I say this because I myself had these views before I moved to Sewree.

Last night after work, which is a hop-skip-jump away from my house (so grateful) I went to Totos Garage, a bar in Bandra. I embarrassingly admit that earlier I myself used to think that Bandra (which is technically a part of Bombay but again not in the above specified areas) was a place where one needed a ‘visa’ to enter. So when last nights plan was being made, I was ferociously hoping that it doesn’t work out. But I am so glad it did.

Totos Garage is what its name says and more. It’s small, crowded and pulsating; it’s colorful and smelly; it’s dirty and dingy;  with a car frame hanging above the bar and more then its capacity of people cramped in one room. It was perfect.

I got there later than most of my friends and was greeted with a plate of yummy ginger chicken and smiling faces. Immediately ordering myself a drink, I easy slipped into a laid back mood.

According to me the best part of Totos is the music. Being a hard core rock fan, I felt completely at home. Which was not really necessary as even a person who is considerable naive about rock music would be familiar with the songs. They played classics from Sweet home Alabama to With or without you. Here without you to Jeremy. And my favorite, I want to hold your hand.

I wouldn’t call the alcohol cheap but neither was it expensive. So was the food. But it was worth it. The vegetarian and Non Vegetarian Kebabs were brilliant and I would go back just to have a mouthful of the succulent Chicken Tikka. The service was prompt and efficient.

But what made the night most memorable was the company. And isn’t that the most important ingredient in the recipe for an amazing night.

A famous man once said  ‘No road is long with good company’ and my journey to Bandra exemplifies this saying to the t. Last night was another one of those times where my childish beliefs were shattered and I am so glad they were. Ok, not fully. I still believe that Bandra is pretty far but yes, a weeks preparation is definitely not needed to venture to the suburbs. Toto’s is surely going to be part of my ‘regular jaunts’, only if just to hear ‘ Yeah I, tell you something, I think you’ll understand…..’

Chand 🙂


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